Why this blog ?


First of all I am no content creator on this or any other platform and has no plans in future too. I made this site because I could and only plans to modify it further to learn and share stuff here. I also plan to keep posting life updates on this site.

What is the motivation here ?

The soul goal was to keep my digital exposure as limited as possible while limiting my data exposure on the way. What lead me here was a realisation to focus on my digital privacy while I do other stuff in life and advance.

This was only made possible because of my undying interest in digital technology. During the late 90's, hollywood loved computers to dramatize the idea of cyborgs with power to wipe out entire human race or projecting a dystopian era which showed fear or distress, climate disasters, autocratic governments, AI gone rogue or alien invasion. Growing up watching such content strated me to attract towards computers (strange fetish i know), cell phones and yes a Gameboy.

In the teenage one day one of my elder cousins got a brand new locally assembeled computer with internet and man that moment screwed my mind with their functioning to this day, he was pressing keys on a device called keyboard and things were happening on the screen, although that wasn't the day I laied my hands on it but a few months later when we started to have a computer class in our school time table. Back then it was all about Windows XP "Symphony" and using MS-DOS doing things from simply interacting with the system to drawing shapes in MS-DOS or in MS-Paint.

As computers started to advance they also started to look even sleekier, more polished, fast, awesome themes, cool softwares , games and the newly trending hobby of internet surfing in cyber cafes. At the end of my junior high GTA was trending, everyone was buying pirated copies from internet cafes. I used to play games like GTA Vice city, IGI and Roadrash for hours after school, it had a very strangly sticky feeling but kind of adventerous on its own. It was so engaging that it was probably one of the early digital addictions in kids at that time.

One of the days during a library class I stumbled upon two magazines by name "Digit" and "Chip", strangly enough they were called computer magazines, strange because I was literally not aware of existence of literature like that except story books, course guides, encyclopedias. Awesome thing about them was they often came with 8gig dual layer dvd's which had new softwares, games and even fresh linux iso's but mostly ubuntu. And once you start using linux as your main OS then you know the rest of my story (I was in 8th grade at this time). And very soon after a year fighting my dad I got my first computer with a 8mega-bit 3g wireless adapter internet connection and thats when I made my first webpage on blogspot and soon upgraded to wordpress. Years gone by and things started to go real fast when the age of facebook came in an attempt of providing a better way to communicate they ended up destroying everyones personal life, making people engage with it more than anything as it was soully made to increase user interaction by making users share all their personal information and activities an individual carries on daily basis resulting in serious manipulation with emotions and decision making. With Facebook other platforms started to take form on mostly the same business model, craving of user information, harvesting users prefrences and choices financial information and even daily activities. With so much connectivity came the age of misinformation and loneliness, e-waste which started to interfere with individual lives and nature at a very deep level resulting in new forms of mass psychological illness's, behind the scenes unlawful activities by big tech, corporates and even government for overwhelming monetary gains and sometimes political goals.

After realising the fact I decided to quit all of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google and apply alternate free and opensource tools in my daily life so that I can have a better control of my personal choices and decisions and not any big tech.

And thats exactly where linux comes to rescue which is also free. So came this blog.

Thanks for reading.

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